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PC680 - PC925 - PC1200 - PC1230 - PC1350 - PC1400 - PC1500 - PC1700 - PC1750 - PC2150

Superior starting power and deep cycle capacity
Operate high power stereos
Sealed and completely maintenance free
Steel jacket to protect plastic case for extreme high heat conditions
Same power in smaller and lighter package
Can be mounted inside passenger compartments
Will not leak, gas, or corrode

Everyday Vehicles
The electronics in today's vehicles require heavy power. The ODYSSEY battery delivers it while providing reliable starting for up 3X as long as conventional batteries.

Luxury and sport sedans
SUV's and light trucks
Vans, minivans, and taxis

Classic and Antique Cars
Classic and restored cars are often kept in storage for months. With the ODYSSEY battery they will start reliably for up to two years (when stored at 77° from a fully charged state).

Antique vehicles
Classic trucks
Replica/kit cars

4x4 and Off-Road
Featuring rugged construction and a non-spillable, dry cell design, ODYSSEY batteries ensure extreme shock and vibration resistance for the toughest off-road applications.

Light trucks
Off-road vehicles

High performance Cars
High-compression, massive horsepower engines demand massive starting power. The superior cranking ODYSSEY battery provides it for much longer than conventional batteries.

Muscle cars
Race cars

Modified Vehicles
From low-riding hydraulics to high-intensity discharge lights, the non-spillable ODYSSEY battery can power any modification, and can be mounted in almost any position.

Tuner cars
Low riders
Audio and video systems

ODYSSEY OEM BCI Group sizes Odyssey Extreme Series Odyssey Performance Series
BCI group size 25 Not available in performance
BCI group size 31
BCI group size 34
BCI group size 34R
BCI group size 34/78 dual terminal Not available in performance
BCI group size 35 Not available in performance
BCI group size 48 Not available in extreme
BCI group size 49 Not available in extreme
BCI group size 65
BCI group size 75 Not available in performance
BCI group size 75/86 dual terminal
BCI group size 78
BCI group size 94R Not available in extreme