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Tel: 951.736.3530

Advanced built in circuitry protects against:
Reverse polarity | Short circuit | A/C surge | Over-voltage | Over-current

ACI 10 amp charger - BCSC 10a

$132.40 plus free shipping in the US.

Volume discounts and dealer pricing available.

ACI 3 amp charger - BCSC 3a

$90.95 plus free shipping in the US.

Volume discounts and dealer pricing available.


Super Chargers are not trickle chargers. They’re fully electronic and fully automatic. They are fully circuit and surge protected. No in-rush current to worry about when starting or stopping the charger.

They charge more quickly and will charge any 12 volt battery including ODYSSEY BATTERIES & OPTIMA BATTERIES. Since they are electronic, they provide a ‘true’ charge at the rated current level for the full charging cycle, thus reducing the time needed to achieve a full charge.

They will not overcharge the battery. Super Charger electronically monitors battery voltage and shuts off when voltage reading indicates battery is fully charged and then converts to “True Float Mode” and maintains the fully charged battery.

The battery can be left connected to the Super Charger for prolonged periods without affecting battery life. Days, Weeks, Months, or even Years.

They can be permanently connected to a battery with the included, fused, wire harness for easier charge connection.

They reduce sulphation during the charging cycle thus prolonging battery life.

They are smaller and lighter than conventional electrical chargers making them easier to use, and taking up less storage space.

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