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Tel: 951.736.3530

Bent aluminum boxes

Bent aluminum ODYSSEY battery mounting brackets.
Aluminum finish suitable for painting or powder coating. Brackets can be mounted flat or upright.

PC680 black powder coat

Billet and polished kits

Custom made billet battery mounts available for the several ODYSSEY models.
Set comes with the battery tray, cover, posts and hardware.
Lightweight and durable with four mounting holes in tray.

BCI 34 series
BCI 31 series

Welded Steel

Welded, bent and perforated steel ODYSSEY battery mounting brackets.
Bare metal finish suitable for painting or powder coating. Includes nut certs and screws.

PC925 side mount

Factory Kits

ODYSSEY® Battery Hold Down Kit - Rugged Construction.
Sleek Design Custom made for a range of specialty ODYSSEY batteries.

BCI 34, 34/78 and 78
BCI 65
BCI 31 series

Adjustable Plastic

Adjustable plastic strap
Comes with two J bolts to secure the battery
Fits both the PC925 and PC1200
Can be mounted with battery flat or on its side.

One hold down fits both the
PC925 and PC1200

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